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The factory is equipped with modern machinery, The cutting department has swing beam presses and a traveling head press for insoles etc. The pre-closing section has bell knife skivers, foil stamping and embossing machines.

  • The stitching department has predominantly Pfaff sewing machines
  • The lasting and finishing departments have Italian machinery,two
  • machine lasting by Cerim and ancillary machines of various pedigrees.
  • PU Italian Machine for moulding international standard soles.

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Ras Dashen Shoe Factory Plc.

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Contact Person :Mr. Gezachew Negash, Deputy General Manager

Mr. Yared Gezachew, Commercial Manager

P.O. Box 22723 , Addis Ababa , Ethiopia .

Tel.. # - 251-011-6-293167 or # - 251-011-6-293380

Fax # 251-11 -6- 293-449 / 294162

E-mail|: rasdashen@ethionet.et