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Starting from humble beginnings in 1976, RDSF Plc. has steadily grown in stature and now has the production capacity of 1000 pairs per day. This consists of men's and boy's cement lasted shoes and boots. With the abundance of local leathers, the products are 100% pure leather uppers and linings. In addition, genuine hand-stitched moccasins are a specialty, and 1200 pairs per day can be made if required.



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The factory is equipped with modern machinery, The cutting department has swing beam presses and a traveling head press for insoles etc. The pre-closing section has bell knife skivers, foil stamping and embossing machines.

  • The stitching department has predominantly Pfaff sewing machines
  • The lasting and finishing departments have Italian machinery,two
  • machine lasting by Cerim and ancillary machines of various pedigrees.
  • PU Italian Machine for moulding international standard soles.

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Ras Dashen Shoe Factory Plc.

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Contact Person :Mr. Gezachew Negash, Deputy General Manager

Mr. Yared Gezachew, Commercial Manager

P.O. Box 22723 , Addis Ababa , Ethiopia .

Tel.. # - 251-011-6-293167 or # - 251-011-6-293380

Fax # 251-11 -6- 293-449 / 294162

E-mail|: rasdashen@ethionet.et